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Pirate Cove Junior Fun Run

Junior Fun Run Pirates Cove

Don't make the kids walk the plank! Our Pirates Cove will keep any young pirate and their shipmates busy for hours! It has a bouncy area which is entered via the skulls mouth, it has a Biff n Bash, scramble net and a slide............................Aaargh!


Netted sides for excellent visibility 2 metre high climb n slide Ramped step for easy access through skull and crossbones Scramble net Biff n Bash Large bounce area Shower cover/ sun shade

Size:10ft wide x 27ft long x11ft high (3.05m wide x 8.2m long x 3.30m high)

Minimum area needed for this inflatable 20ft wide x 35ft long x 12ft high (6m wide x 10.6m long x 3.7m high)

Price: £100

Suitable for: Children Only

Available Overnight for an extra £30

Indoors on Artificial Grass
Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Dry Grass
Outdoors on Grass
Outdoors on Grass (event)
Outdoors on Grass / Hard Surface Mix

Age RangeSuitable


  • The Pirate Cove Junior Fun Run is our heaviest inflatable, we need to have a very good access route to site this unit.
  • The route must be clear of any obstacles.
  • This unit is too large to manoeuvre through a house.
  • This unit cannot be lifted over any obstacles and is unsuited to anywhere where steps have to be negotiated.